Episode 29: The steps to getting the big dreams that seem ridiculously HUGE! with Donna Campisi

On this episode I talk about how to get that big dream you’ve always wanted.

The steps to getting the big dreams that seem ridiculously HUGE!

I find myself a little hesitant about using the word ‘dreams,’ even though I did use it in my first book titled ‘Turn Dreams into Reality.’ (a free eBook -n if you don’t have it already – at https://donnacampisi.com/free-e-book/ )

When I think of dreams though, I sometimes have this image in my mind of a person sitting looking up at a cloud above their head with a wondering smile of hope for the image in the cloud…that often floats away, this I personally don’t think turns dreams into reality. Action is what makes it a reality and my experience shows that ‘baby steps’ is what gets you there in the long run…pun intended.

Yes, we dream all the time and it broadens our imagination and have you ever noticed that most of our dreams while we sleep are distorted or exaggerated and seem ridiculous? I am mostly entertained by my sleep dreams, but I’m not talking about those dreams.

We CAN have dreams in our life that seem ridiculously HUGE. I prefer to change this word to GOALS…it sounds more real to me.

I speak of achieving goals all the time. Why? Because I personally like to help others achieve, YOU included, and it’s a buzz when I see it happen or receive letters.

I enjoy seeing the growth in people reaching their goals too, as this doesn’t happen overnight or in an instant. That’s the mistake too many people make. They give up too soon!

If you are familiar with My Story you’d know I survived a stroke when I was 7 and was unable to walk or talk. Later in life I set a challenge to complete a marathon in 2013, only able to run 30 tentative steps in 2012. The challenge was 30 steps to a marathon in 11 months, sounds a little crazy right? Even scary at first to me. BUT when I did it with the baby step method, it was achievable! Just as I made baby steps to learn to walk again way back when I was 7yrs old.

So here is the baby step method. It’s making small achievable goals to get to your ridiculously HUGE goal. But I always say, the first step is self-belief. It is really important to believe you CAN, as you need to have a positive mind set all the way.

The next baby step for me was training for a 5.3km fun run in Jan. 2013. Setting a time on a goal is important. This was a huge step for me, my very first physical challenge. I trained approximately 2 months for this. I completed my first baby step goal, receiving my very first medal! Remember to celebrate after each baby step achievement, it may not be a medal. It was a buzz, it gave me confidence to keep me going and enthusiastic about my next baby step. My mind set was “Well if I can complete a 5.3km run, all I have to do is double that for my next goal” getting me closer to my huge marathon goal, this was huge for me, just like your big goal that is huge for you.

My next baby step had a few more challenges in between, I had to stretch out the time frame for May 2013 to run a 10km run. My challenges in between were injuries and a personal loss in my family. This was a difficult time, just how you may find difficult challenges that may come along when reaching for your goal. But these challenges made me even more determined, and I achieved the 10km run with an ankle injury and determination to keep going for my brother.

My next baby step was the half marathon challenge in Aug. 2013, stepping closer to the BIG marathon goal. The half marathon was a tough baby step. But I had so many people cheering me on that made it even more of a reason to keep going that day. Find your reason WHY to keep you going! Again I was running with an injury that day, but I needed to focus my mind on the goal rather and less on the pain. Just as you will face struggle, pain, tough times, and maybe blood sweat tears on your journey, but keep going the best you CAN.

When using the baby step method, this will give you confidence after achieving each step, to go further and keep going and not give up, getting you closer to your big dreams that that seemed ridiculously HUGE!

As most of you know, I then trained from August to October to make it over the marathon line and achieve my HUGE goal!

That is one example. But what about my goal, I here you say or think. ‘I don’t want to run a marathon.’ I understand this can be used in many areas of your life.

I recently led a group of inspiring people to join me in creating a collaborative book, not all of these people were published authors. Some were quite new at this and it was a great experience for them to reach a goal to share their insights and story as a writer, to become a published author. Some had dreamt of this their whole life, but never made the time, or new the steps to achieving that goal, or even faced struggles along the way. It took coaching from me and following the steps to accomplish their goal…or dream if you prefer that word.

But they needed to believe they could first, then follow the steps, and now they celebrate with the book in their hand, sharing their message with the world. Awesome.

But now also opening doors to other possibilities and opportunities. 

Using baby steps, celebrating each step achieved and believing you CAN, will get you to your big dreams that seem ridiculously HUGE!

This is possible for you. Believe you can.

On your mark Ready! Set! Goal!

To help you get started with a plan to get to your big dream, download your FREE copy of The Baby Step Method to work through the steps HERE. This works!

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November 2, 2020
Ready! Set! Goal! with Donna Campisi, Podcast

Episode 29: The steps to getting the big dreams that seem ridiculously HUGE! with Donna Campisi

Episode 29: The steps to getting the big dreams that seem ridiculously HUGE! with Donna Campisi On this episode I talk about how to get that […]
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