Book Message

Change is a positive thing; change can be scary…but exciting.

Great things/ideas/situations/opportunties have come from change!


Who is this book for?

This book is for those:

·         Needing motivation, inspiration to take action for their physical or mental state, and want to improve themselves to feel better about themselves.  

·         Need help to create confidence to make that change.

·         To inspire people to steer their own ship, or find help to give them a good start.

·         Who need a healthy body, which means a healthy heart, and happy mind.

·         To challenge themselves that anything is possible.

·         To face their fear of change, and see change as something that can be positive.

·         Needing tips to follow, to take action toward their dream.

·         Who doubt themselves.

       People who are stuck in the doldrums of their life and need encouragement to move off that treadmill.

Book Offer for Influencers:

Please note: This is a private page link, that has ONLY been given to those who I’ve invited. Not shown for public viewing.


I’m super excited to invite you to join this exciting opportunity of sharing your amazing story, to influence many people in a positive way!


What you’ll receive in this awesome co-authored book publishing deal:

·       3,800 word chapter of your inspiring and life changing story.


·       Notability as a published author, and the awesome feeling of inspiring many people.


·       1 hour of one on one coaching before writing your chapter + ongoing author support from inspiring published author Donna Campisi.


·       A chapter template to keep you on track.

·       Editing and proof reading.



·       Book cover designed.


·       40 printed books. You keep the books and make the profit with sales. Books are sold at $30 each (40 x $30=$1200 you will make in sales). Please note: please keep book price at $30.


·       Please do not share your written chapter for this book in print anywhere else for 6 months after our official launch date.


·       Your details you will leave in this book:

Full name

Position Title

Short bio (200 words)

Website link. + Logo (black and White)



·       Your brand will be exposed via my website, and emailed to my subscribers, and through all my social media profiles.


·       We (all authors) will cross promote each other with their following/subscribers too eg. social media posts of your short bio, etc.


·       Networking with other authors, enhances your own network, so you’ll be a team of ten people, tenfold bonus for you! This multiplies your reach by ten, and you gain ten awe-inspiring friends too.


·       You have an opportunity to be interviewed on Ready! Set! Goal! with Donna Campisi podcast. This is published on my website, social media profiles, sent to my subscribers,  and published on popular podcast platforms, such as: Apple Podcast, Stitcher, SpotifyiHeart Radio, and Tune In.


·       Initial book launch event (organised by Donna Campisi), where you will get the opportunity to speak with guests and sign books. (Melbourne location). Any event that Donna Campisi runs, we will keep profits from book sales. But anyone who wants to organise other events in their own town/city will keep the profits.


·       I will promote this book at my many speaking events and workshops. I also have media exposure and remember; your brand will be exposed in the book.


Author investment: $1599 OR 3 payments of $579

                                   OR 6 payments of $289.50

*Since Covid19 we are also offering a customised author investment payment plan



It’s important to note:

When comparing advertising on any other printed material (such as newspapers and magazines) the costs are significantly high. For example:

Women's Health Magazine Australia advertisements in the magazine are estimated to be $107,145.00. This is for a full-page, black and white ad. 

Runner’s World Magazine Australia 1/2 Page $107,475 and 1/3 Page $81,020 - then next month another one comes out and subscribers don't look at the old one.

National newspaper advertising cost average of approx. $113,000 per ad.

AND how many times have you read a newspaper and just skipped past the ads?


You’ll find exposure in our book gives you permanent exposure in a publication where many readers will stop to notice, rather than flick past in a mag/newspaper. The average book is passed around for 5 years, up to 9.5 times. 1000 books = 9500 exposures. You’ll get 5 years for the price of one month or less.



*To show your commitment to this exciting opportunity, a deposit of only $100 is needed to confirm your spot, and begin your 1 on 1 Coaching Session. (Please contact Donna for further details) 



Chapter hand in date: we're aiming for May 31, 2020

*this has been pushed to late June, due to Covid19.


Remember, this is an investment in YOU and your brand or organisation! It’s exciting!


Keen? Contact Donna HERE to chat further about this exciting opportunity. I look forward to hearing from you.

Donna's Professional Bio

People always tell me, "Donna you are amazing, I couldn’t do that!" But with my coaching and mentoring, I keep showing people that they CAN go and get their BIG scary goal. The results are awesome!

I’ve trained and been mentored under the likes of Dr John Demartini, Jeff Slayter, Kane Minkus, Paul Blackburn and Chris Howard. Qualifying in Coaching, NLP Practioner, Sales, and as a Workplace Trainer.

My background is in business development, life coaching, writing, supporting people to achieve their goals, including in disability and mental health.

Along with this knowledge and my own life experience, I’ve conquered amazing personal and professional goals, and helped many to achieve their big goals too, through keynote speaking, coaching, mentoring, training programs and my books! 

I  host a podcast called Ready! Set! Goal! with Donna Campisi This is published on my website, social media profiles, and sent to my subscribers. You can also find it on popular podcast platforms, such as: Apple PodcastStitcher, SpotifyiHeart Radio, and Tune In.

I am a published author of::

Turn Dreams Into Reality

Inspirational Bible

The Unlikely Marathoner

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