The Unlikely Marathoner

December 24, 2016
The Unlikely Marathoner, Donna Campisi, Run Donna Run, author

I’ve been busy lately, writing my book ‘The Unlikely Marathoner’ AND I’m sooo pleased to reveal that I am ready to send my manuscript to my publisher now! Woo hoo!

BUT… I will have to wait now, it’s actually due in to the publisher on Jan 4 next year and they are on a Christmas break now, fair enough! I can wait! 🙂

This makes me smile 🙂 and chuckle a little, as I’ve heard from writers how often they feel like they are under the pump, so to speak, about the pressure of submitting their manuscript on the date expected from their publisher.

So I’m extremely proud and calm that I have finished on time, and even early! But as some of you may know, I’ve been writing for some time now, but never really made a proper plan to reach my goal of completing my book…funny about that, as my book is about how to achieve your big goals.

Why I bring this up? Well even I slip up at times, and this was a great reminder of the importance of making a plan and setting a goal date. I could say I’ve had a few distractions too…but that is just another excuse right?

Really, if we want to achieve a goal that is important to us, and a dream we’ve had for so long, there are steps to make.

This is what my book is about, and I’m so excited to share this with you. It’s called ‘The Unlikely Marathoner – How to achieve your big goals and run with it!’

It includes stories from my stroke and marathon journey, I like to call these stories lessons. I hope my personal journey will make your heart glow through reading my experiences that may make you laugh or cry, but mostly will inspire you to go get your goal.  

This book reveals successful steps to get you to the finish line. I share valuable insights, so you CAN achieve great things in work or play! Offering tools for you or your organisation, to move forward and get closer to your BIG goal, from start to finish. 

I’m super excited to launch this in March next year, and many of you have already pre-ordered the book, thanks for your support! 

Here’s the link to purchase the book and to share: where you can also check out more info about The Unlikely Marathoner 🙂

I also want to wish you a very happy and safe festive season and thank you for your support and fun in 2016 🙂 AND also wish you an awesome 2017.

The Power is in Me…it’s in You too!

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