Ever stumbled?

July 19, 2016
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The challenges we face when attempting big scary goals always start in our head. You know, the fears, the what ifs, or sometimes even the stumbles along the way.

I’m proud to say I’ve helped many to achieve their big scary goals.

But still I’ve had that mental game to play with in my head. My fears and what ifs for my marathon challenge were many, just like you have! We all have them initially. But it’s how to conquer them and get over it, get over ourselves or pick ourselves up when we stumble along the way is really what your big scary goal is all about.

I had doubts in my mind initially, there were the injuries along the way to deal with, the loss of my job, the huge loss of a loved one, this was all tough stuff to deal with that I could have easily used these reasons, falls, let downs, stumbles override my want to achieve my big scary goal…aka excuses!
The funny thing is, I’m known (ask my friends, family and coach’s) for tripping, stumbling, falling… literally! I have what’s called foot-drop from the effects of my stroke, but I CAN walk, I CAN run. Sometimes my tripping has landed me in an ER unit, sometimes it’s just left me embarrassed and wanting the ground to open up and swallow me, but most of the time it makes me laugh now…that’s if it’s not too hard to leave me in tears of pain.
So you could say I’m literally an expert at tripping and getting up and keeping my focus. If you’ve seen my marathon finish, I actually slipped on the wet grass, metres before the finish line OMG! How embarrassing! But hey, I got up and kept going with a huge smile, as I made it to my big scary goal!

The moral of this story… Never give up, even when you stumble!

I’ve got another BIG HUGE scary goal coming up soon! Maybe you can join me in going for it…even if we do trip up 😉

The Power is in Me…it’s in You too!

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