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October 22, 2017
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It’s been said to me many times: ‘Donna, I do this…, this…and this… in my business.’ But they’re not fully certain about who they serve and what solution they are offering their client/customer.

My response: ‘Having clarity in your business can sometimes be tricky to pinpoint. Many business owners want to help everyone and anyone! But the majority of the time, that doesn’t work!’

I will demonstrate here how you can get past the start line, with a clear path and an ‘I can’ attitude.

There are many benefits you’ll get from this, but firstly it will remind you that this is your business dream – it’s nobody else’s, you own it.

When you own it and have the clarity of what the goal is about, you gain certainty. You know when you’re going to start this goal, and you know what solution you’re going to solve. Make a statement that’s specific about your business and the problem you solve for your clients/customers. This gives you the certainty and confidence to move forward, which then gives you courage.

Knowing what you want at a deeper, emotional level is always right – trust it. I always say, go with your gut feeling. Get specific.

So how do you regain certainty? Well, you create a plan; that’s why I follow the Baby Step Method, in any goal I’ve achieved. It’s what I’ve used and helped other people with their business goals and they’ve achieved it, using the Baby Step Method.

This is an important point to get your mindset started on the right track! I talk further about this in my ‘7 Steps to getting your dream business up and running’ webinar.

I encourage you to use this method and set a date.

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