Donna’s Story

Donna is an adventurer at heart. She’s an inspiring speaker, author, blogger, humanitarian, marathoner, adventure & performance coach and trainer. Inspiring many with her challenges and ‘go do it’ attitude, where they too are achieving their BIG scary goals!

Donna’s story is of a seven year old girl who survived a stroke, and her journey, as a woman, to learn to run again. This is where Run Donna Run began.

Donna’s story is a miraculous one about strength, overcoming struggles and achieving results that even shocked doctors.

Donna’s childhood challenge

At seven years of age, she was known as ‘The Mystery Girl’ by medical practitioners at the Royal Children’s Hospital, as her condition was an extremely unusual case. With a whole gamut of findings and her stroke diagnosis – right hemiparesis. The right side of her body was immobile from a haemorrhage in the left side of her brain. Other findings included meningitis, staphylococcal septicaemia, splenomegaly and endocarditis, which indicated a prolapsing mitral valve – including a hole in her heart and a heart murmur. Donna had anaemia (iron deficiency), osteomyelitis of her right ankle bones and aphasia (loss of speech). This meant leaving Donna without the ability to walk and talk. Doctors told Donna’s parents that she would never walk or talk again.

As time went on and progress was made, Donna became known as ‘The Miracle Girl’ to the amazement of the medical team.

After a long period of rehabilitation Donna developed the ability to walk again, and can very well talk,

Then at the age of fourteen years, Donna was also diagnosed in a critical state with type 1 diabetes  at the Royal Children’s Hospital once again.

It is staggering that she is even here to tell her story, and her attitude of gratitude is very evident when hearing Donna talk of her journey to where she is now.

Donna’s marathon challenge began here

‘Somebody asked me a couple of years ago: “So Donna, what can’t you do since you have had th

e stroke?” I had to think about this as I always have focused on what I can do, rather than what I can’t. Good question though!’  Donna states. The answer: ‘Running. I have never felt confident in running after having the stroke.’

Donna Campisi Run Donna Run Inspirational Story Marathon Training


Donna was only able to run 30 tentative steps in November 2012; she decided to not only learn to run again, but to complete The Melbourne Marathon in October, 2013. 


The motivation behind this challenge called ‘Run Donna Run’ was not only about sharing Donna’s personal journey and encouraging others, but was also to raise funds for the Royal Children’s


Hospital in Melbourne. Donna achieved her goal, completing the Melbourne Marathon on October 13, 2013.
Professional Bio
Donna is an inspirational speaker, author, blogger, adventure & performance coach, workshop facilitator, humanitarian and crazy adventurer! 
Donna holds adventure challenges that encourage people that they CAN actually do whatever they set their mind on, even if that means getting out of their comfort zone.
Facing big physical challenges of her own, to inspiring many people with her CAN DO attitude of learning to run again in 2012/13. Donna certainly got out of her comfort zone training from 30 steps to a marathon in 11 months.


‘People always tell me, “Donna you are amazing, I couldn’t do that!” But with my programs, I keep showing people that they CAN go and get their BIG scary goal. The results are awesome!’

Donna trained and studied under the likes of Dr John Demartini, Jeff Slayter and Kane Minkus, Paul Blackburn and Chris Howard. She has studied Life Coaching and Neuro Linguistic Programming.  Along with this knowledge and her own life experience, Donna has conquered amazing personal and professional goals of her own, and helped many to achieve their big goals too, through her coaching, mentoring, training programs and her books!

Donna’s background in business development, life coaching, campaign creation and an expert in conquering her own big challenges, has led her into one-on-one coaching people, conducting live workshops, webinars and online programs, to get their dream business up and running! 


Donna Campisi, Speaker, Run Donna Run, the unlikely marathoner, author, marathoner, inspire,

 ‘I help people grow, develop and support them in reaching their goals, get out of their comfort zone and move confidently toward their BIG scary goals, to know they can achieve both in their personal life or in business. My programs are exciting, and they work!’
 Donna is a published author of the inspiring books ‘The Unlikely Marathoner,’ ‘Turn Dreams Into Reality’ and a contributing author in ‘The Inspiration Bible.’ 


Donna is encouraging many people with her challenges to help them grow and achieve their BIG goals.

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